Monday, June 23, 2014

My Favorite Free Pregnancy Apps

One of my favorite pregnancy app that I check daily, and towards the end of my pregnancy, multiple times even, is the Baby Bump app (the free one). I love how it provides me a short snippet of tips and advice daily, and a more comprehensive update weekly. I also refer to the groups section quite often for support and topics from other expectant mothers. It's great to know how interactive expectant mothers are, and how willing they are to share their experiences and updates. It's tremendously helpful to me. I love how we can all connect and learn from one another. Check it out!

My second favorite pregnancy app, is Sprouts. I refer to the Sprout app for stunning images and more physiological updates. They have these 3-D like images that makes it soo real. 

And towards the end of my 3rd trimester (about 36 weeks), I started experiencing more and more contractions. My favorite app to time my contractions is the Full Term Contraction Timer app. It provides data from your last contraction, last hour, and last 6 hours. It lets you know average duration and frequency, also in graph form. This app helped me organize my contraction history and gives me the ability to email data. 

Be sure to check them out!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How To Stay Motivated In Your Final Weeks of Pregnancy

I am 38 weeks and 4 days today, and it has been rough. My contractions are closer together averaging 10 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from 1-2 minutes. Sitting down for long periods of time is very uncomfortable for me, as I am carrying very low and baby has dropped significantly. Here are a few tips I found especially helpful in helping with passing time and remaining positive until baby decides to make his/her entrance into this world. Let's face it, we can only lounge on the couch for so many hours before that even gets boring.  

1) Keep a schedule/routine daily. I wake up same time each morning, feed my baby Nala, Shar-Pei, eat a leisurely breakfast, catch up on some news, and then tackle the rest of the items. 

2) Cook or Bake something, daily. Not only does it help pass time, but it really preoccupies your mind for the next 1-2 hours. 

3) Do some light chores.  Your pregnant and incredibly uncomfortable. But there are light chores that you can do to help out such as ironing, laundry, organizing kitchen pantry, closet. This helps you stay productive. 

4) Escape for a few hours with a good book. Check out for suggestions. Try not to read any baby related books. It only makes you more anxious.   

6) Start a craft project/learn a new hobby. I've been trying to learn how to make nursing covers for myself as well as for baby shower gifts. That was fun. I've also been spending a lot of time learning WordPress and Genesis, a little bit of coding, and website construction. That was fun, but on the challenging side. Definitely helped with focusing my energy and efforts away from baby.

5) Make sure to make time for exercise, daily. This is crucial because not only does it help with passing time, it's helps strengthen some of the muscles that you will need for labor and delivery. I make an effort to walk for 1 hour each day. 

11 more days! Time shall pass.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ramen Upgrade

Some days, especially on days that you're confined at home for maternity leave purposes, we just have to make do with a simple home-made lunch. One of my favorite things to eat/cook is ramen. Ramen is the ultimate comfort food for me. And I like to dress it up with whatever we have in the frig. I added broccoflower, carrots, and frozen ready made gourmet won ton. If you get a chance, try to buy your ramen packages from a Chinese (asian) market, instead of the Top Ramen, Maruchan stuff. The variety of ramen from Chinese markets are endless. They usually designate a whole aisle for your choosing. Heaven! They also have a variety of exotic flavors, like prawn, sesame oil, curry, tonkotsu, and shoyu  broth flavorings you can pick from. How awesome is that? Also make sure to rinse through your noodle with boiling hot water to remove any of the wax coating. I noticed this affects the flavor of your broth as well. 

Check out other ways to dress up your ramen:

From Serious Eats blog, these look soo yummy. 

From Lisa Dang blog, I didn't think about adding mushroom and shrimp, see here

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This was soo yummy!